League Teams

PGA Junior League Golf

PGA Junior League Golf is a fun, social and inclusive opportunity for boys and girls, ages 13 and under, to learn and enjoy the game of golf from PGA and LPGA Professionals. Like many other recreational youth sports, participants wear numbered jerseys and play on teams with friends. .

Fun, Social & Inclusive

We have 3 different teams that play in 2 different junior leagues. Kids play a 2 person scramble against other clubs in a match play format.

The JAM league which is another junior league just in the Memphis metro area and this league is designed for younger players that are just starting off. Their matches are only 6 holes.

Last year my PGA junior league won the West TN league and the all-star team made it to the state finals where I was honored to be the captain. Both leagues have a weekly practice where I go over rules and all other aspects of the game of golf. My goal is to have kids that's start in this league be able to soon play in tournaments on their own.

All kids that play on my teams are always welcomed to come back and practice with the team even if age makes them to old to play in the league.
(You can also go to the PGA Junior League to sign-up for our advanced players)