Learning Center

State-Of-The-Art Facility

An indoor golf simulator from TruGolf is much more than an ordinary virtual golf simulator. It’s an immersive experience with ultra-realistic graphics and precise analytics, designed to make lasting improvements to your game. Setup is surprisingly easy, as well. With virtual simulations of over 85 world-renowned golf courses and 36 modes of play, you can treat yourself to a different experience every time you turn on your personal golf simulator.

E6 Golf Simulator

Our indoor teaching facility has the E6 True Golf Simulator that allows teaching year round. On the E6 Simulator, we can look as ball speed, swing speed, path in which the club is traveling, and launch angles. This software allows me to work on short game as well as full swing. Players can spend time hitting balls on the range or play 18-holes on the computer. The Learning Center facility is a big plus because we are not limited by weather conditions or day light.